FitFix4U Services

Nutrificient Programme

The Nutrificient Programme is excellent for those who already have a good knowledge of training and/or may already have a personal trainer but are looking for some dietary guidance. The Programme offers dietary analysis and advice centred on helping you create healthy habits.  Most people’s diet is very far removed from what they should be eating but with the right coaching and direction, we can help you achieve a healthier, happier you!

Sports Nutrition Programme

FitFix4U provide specific Sports Nutrition dietary advice and guidelines to help give you a competitive edge in the gym, on the road, on the field or on the courts. Whatever your passion with our tailor-made nutritional advice you can get faster and stronger, reduce recovery time and increase resilience.

Elite at Home Programme

We still understand that due to the increasing pressures of work and home life, some people find it difficult to make the journey to a gym. As a result fitness levels, health and wellbeing suffer. For these reasons FitFix4U offers limited places on the “Elite at Home” Programme, for those busy people who want a fast, effective workout delivered to their home or office.
It was a privilege to learn from Naomi during my fitness & personal training courses. First and foremost the knowledge she has is fantastic & she educated us in a way that was structured yet very enjoyable & interesting. Jane

I can state with confidence that she is a motivated and caring person that will go out of her way and give her own personal time to ensure that you learn and understand everything necessary and more to make you a great personal trainer. Kevin

I’m delighted to say that the with the improved understanding of food Naomi has given me, the results are coming, despite the recent hen parties and weddings! Thanks Naomi! Fiona

Naomi helped rehab my knee while making sure I stayed fit. She made a programme for me that meant I could train without doing any more damage and now I am pain free! Angela


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