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Nutrition is the single most important aspect of our health and wellbeing. Without a solid nutritional foundation no amount of exercise will ever help us reach our physique goals. In addition to this, inadequate nutrition can lead to low energy levels, mood swings, blood glucose fluctuations, low libido, reduced muscle mass, fat gain and a generally lack of vitality. One common problem we witness in clients is brain fog which affects every part of their lives and more caffeine isn’t the answer!

Together we work to identify your dietary pitfalls, your cravings and how to overcome these. With a back-to-basics approach FitFix4U offers the opportunity to not only address your current relationship with food but also help you put an easily actionable plan in place to make better, healthier choices.

Healthy Nutrition Northern Ireland by FitFix4U

If you are looking to lose weight or increase performance in the gym, a tailor made nutrition plan forms the backbone of any fitness plan. FitFix4U offers extensive Nutrition Consultation, which includes dietary analysis, metabolic calculations, health assessment including blood pressure reading and body composition analysis.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ and for this reason all plans are created to your specific needs and with your unique goals in mind. At FitFix4U we don’t believe in ‘cookie cutter’ diets that’s why each nutrition plan is individualised to your particular requirements.

So if you want to achieve your ideal physique, shed those last few pounds, feel more energised or simply live without constant brain fog, then a Personalised Nutrition Plan is the ideal solution. Get in touch today and we can start creating your own Nutrition Plan.


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